Junior Performance Triathlon Group:


This Junior Performance Squad is set up to support young aspiring triathletes  in the Midlands area to reach their targets and get onto the British Triathlon World-Class Performance Pathway.

Designed for talented Youth/Junior triathletes aged 12 through to Juniors aged 18/19.  The initial structure of the main sessions will be:

Saturday 9am: Run session at a range of different locations around the Charnwood area.

Sunday 9am: Bike session on closed circuit, New college  Leics. 

Monday: Swim session Location/Time TBC.

With workshops, seminars and support across athlete lifestyle, nutrition, race planning and much more. Winter and Spring training camps abroad in Italy and Spain. Group travel to domestic and international races. Ongoing progression of race skills and fitness with an emphasis on long-term development.

This environment is designed to be a stepping stone onto the British Triathlon Regional Academies and the World-Class Performance Pathway. It’s the accelerator environment that the triathlon stars of the future need to progress. The Group is coached by current British Triathlon Qualified elite coaches, who are also elite athletes themselves. The squad aims to progress individuals’ performance and enjoyment of the sport.

  • This is not a club and is based on improving those motivated to reach a high standard of performance. There is certain criteria to be a part of the Junior Performance Triathlon Group as it is necessary to ensure session quality.
  • We want to help support local triathlon clubs who often lose their top junior athletes due to lack of provision  and opportunity.
  • This a great way to keep athletes in their home clubs and develop them into elite senior triathletes.

The lead coaches: Richard Horton, Jack Hall, James Teagle, supported by other coaches and elite athletes.


Most frequent questions and answers

This Set-Up provides everything that a youth or junior athlete needs to reach an elite level as a triathlete. It mimics the experiences that our lead coaches have of being part of British Triathlon World Class Performance Set-Ups.

The main criteria we look for is a genuine passion for training and a desire to work hard and learn. We believe that in this sport you get out what you put in. So if we have an individual who is less able than their peers but equally, or more committed then we will happily give them the attention and input they deserve.

Within this,  attendance to at least 1 session per week is required.

Some clubs in the area have fantatic junior set-ups and we are not looking to “poach” those committed club members. However, many clubs don’t have the resources or manpower to run high-quality sessions specific for youths and juniors. This is an inclusive environment where young triathletes from clubs can train alongside triathletes from other clubs. We are looking to create a high-class training group not a club or a team.

All members can access full, structured triathlon coaching if they want it. If your club coach takes care of this that’s fine.

On top of this there are regular mini-camps, warm-weather camps, workshops and seminars. 

The Group will be in trial phase from September through to January. During which time the sessions will be pay as you go;

Saturday Run = £4

Sunday Bike = £10

Monday Swim = £10

From January it will operate as a subscription service with an annual membership of £288 or £25/month. This covers all sessions, support, workshops and seminars.

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