“Hey coach, what pace should I be doing?”

“Hey coach, what pace should I be doing?”

This is a very frequent question at training sessions in any discipline. It often leaves both the athlete and the coach a little frustrated. The coach is thinking to them-self “I’ve stated the session is at 10km pace, I can’t know stats for everyone’s exact pbs and paces. I’m not Rainman!”
The athlete is thinking “I’ve no idea what my 10km pace should be for this. Surely the coach should know!”

Thus the coach may flippantly remark “you should know your paces” and the athlete might sarcastically mutter “thanks for the input” and go off and pace the session very poorly. The result? = a session that didn’t serve it’s intended purpose, a peeved athlete and an angry coach. Not really ideal is it!?!?!

And that’s why we have tables and calculators to do the numbers for us!!!!

The above calculator enables you to input any of your pb times and generate equivalent predictions for all the other distances from 1500m to marathon. Alongside this you can also see what mile pace and what kilometer pace is required to hit those predicted times. For example, you have recently run 19:30 for 5km but you have a session at 10km pace. Well, dial in your 19:30 for 5km and click equivalent to see that your 10km predicted time is 40:27 which is 6:31/mile pace or 4:03/km pace.

If using the track and you want to know your pace per 400m lap you can take the mile pace in seconds which is 391seconds and divide by 4 = 97.75 seconds AKA 1min37.75. Simples right?

To make life even easier for you please see/download charts below which give you paces based off of 5km time.

Many thanks for reading this blog post. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions or want to know more on this topic as a short blog post only scratch the surface. 


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