The Curry Club

The Curry Club

Before we were TEAM-TRIUMPH we were “The Curry Club”…..obviously.

The four of us (Aaron Harris, Ailbhe Carroll, Jack Hall and Richard Horton) would take time out of our punishing training regimes to relax and refuel in some of the finest Curry Houses in the Loughborough area. That was our vice!!!

Without fail, as triathletes who lived and breathed for the sport, the topic of conversation would always drift back to the sport that we love. We would put the triathlon world to rights and have a good laugh in the process.

It was 2016 and we were all at different stages within our triathlon journeys as athletes.

  • Aaron – Struggled in 2015/16 with an ongoing hamstring injury and was unable to get the run volume in to replicate his 6th place commonwealth games finish and his top 10 WTS finishes in 2014.
    As such he found himself seeking an exit strategy which is the harsh reality for the majority of elite athletes who end up with injury issues.
  • Ailbhe – Juggling zero-hour work as a lifeguard working silly hours and accumulating 50+ plus hour working weeks and not able to recover sufficiently between training as a consequence. 
  • Jack – Experiencing a change in perspective and finding a real love for helping/supporting others with their training more so than training and competing himself. 
  • Rich – Conscious of the strain that training and competing as a full-time athlete was having on his financial situation, Rich realized that without lottery funding he wasn’t able to make a reliable income from being an athlete. 

As such the discussions at Curry Club drifted towards how we can put our expertise to good use. We initially mulled over simply having our Curry Club conversations recorded and used as a podcast. However, the more we chatted the more we realised that our dream was to create the perfect triathlon lifestyle for ourselves and others. We wanted to create a super-squad. TEAM-TRIUMPH was born.

From there we’ve had ups and downs and have learnt huge amounts. We can now lay claim to having progressed the performance level of all of our athletes, secured countless GB selections and medals at Age-Group and Elite. We have established a School Triathlon Program locally, we have set-up a Student Development Squad at Loughborough University and we have organised and delivered international training camps.

Looking forward, we aim to continually develop our coaching services by investing in equipment and developing links/support to enable our athletes to maximize their progression. We will be upgrading our kit to replicate those gold-standard resources that the world’s best performance set-ups have. We will strive to utilize a holistic, science-based approach to the training of all our athletes to enable them to reach their goals.

Update late summer 2018

  • Aaron – Took time away from Triumph and coaching to train as a Physical Training Instructor in the RAF. Now fully qualified and based nearby Triumph HQ Aaron will be getting more hands-on with the set-up and will be taking on online athletes
  • Ailbhe – Secured an athlete’s dream job in a lifestyle mentor for elite student athletes as part of the Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) program. It has allowed her to commit fully to her ambitions to reach the Tokyo Olympic Games in Triathlon for Ireland. She is still actively developing as a coach and is learning as an athlete and as coach from her performance set-up in Dublin
  • Jack – Recently got the role of BUCS development squad coach at Loughborough University. He will be heading up a squad of performance-level student athletes targeting the BUCS competions. The squad will tap into and utilize the Multi-Disciplinary opportunities available from the Loughborough Sport Support Services to ensure the athletes can maximize their progression throughout the academic year.
  • Rich – Recently employed in a Graduate role at Leicester Grammar School, Rich will lead the Strength and Conditioning of the sports teams as well as create and develop opportunities for students to access triathlon and endurance training. In addition Rich will be assisting Jack with the BUCS squad by co-developing the training plans and coordinating the Support Services. 

TEAM-TRIUMPH looks set to grow from strength to strength so watch this space. We’re so grateful to our athletes past, present and future. Your faith in our expertise enables us to earn a living from the sport that we love. Without you guys this wouldn’t be possible. Thanks TEAM!!!

Lots of love,
The Curry Club

Many thanks for reading this blog post. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions or want to know more on this topic as a short blog post only scratch the surface.

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