It’s been a GREAT first summer thus far for TRIUMPH!!!

The justification of that statement comes from one word…….Progression.

We’ve seen all of our athletes progress their performance level. This ultimately is what we are here for so it’s very rewarding to see. Literally every athlete has shown clear signs of improvement for which we as coaches take huge satisfaction from. These athletes all invested and committed 110% to the philosophies and training approaches of TRIUMPH and are now enjoying the rewards of that faith.

Here are a few notable mentions to athletes who raced this weekend but we genuinely could list and outline over 20 athletes who have seen significant progression since working within this set-up.

Emily Alderson – This year has been coached by Jack. Having previously had difficulty managing the right training load, they chose to focus on a quality over quantity approach. Together they put in place a program with a suitable training volume to prioritize consistency over peaking for an ‘A’ race. This has enabled Emily’s performance level to reach new heights and alongside wins including the National Aquathlon and ACCENTURE WORLD TRIATHLON sprint race she also achieved her season objectives of selection for international competition with European Cup races in Malmo and Valencia. She also had call-ups to race in the prestigious French Grand Prix triathlon series for her team Versailles. She has been incredibly consistent this year and that has allowed her aerobic base to develop significantly allowing her to use her run as a weapon.

Ben Smith – Rich has been working with Ben for just over half a year. This weekend Ben raced superbly well to take 3rd in 25-29 age-group and 10th overall at the Vitruvian Half-ironman in 4:07. An incredible time.
Exactly a year ago Ben and Rich met at the 2017 edition of the race and discussed the possibility of linking up for coaching. That day Ben placed 60th in 4:30. A 50 place and 23min improvement. If that’s not progress I don’t know what is! As is a reoccurring theme with TRIUMPH coaches a quality over quantity approach was implemented to allow Ben to get the correct balance of training and recovery around his work commitments. Crucially, they made the decision to drop the swim volume in order to maximise the training benefit of bike and run sessions. By creating an athlete profile they were able to execute very specific turbo and run sessions to really fine-tune his engine. Ben is set to compete in the Ibiza middle-distance triathlon race in October and is on track to be in the mix for a medal judging by recent indicators in training. In the lead up to the race he is raising money for the Rainbow Trust Children Charity. Please see his page here.

Finally, our very own coach Ailbhe – Raced this weekend in Dublin City Triathlon in what was easily the most competitive women’s race in Ireland for many years. To add to the excitement, there was also a national sprint championship up for grabs. Ailbhe recently made the leap of faith to join up with Olympian Gavin Noble and sport science guru Eanna McGrath of
Since making that move she has progressed dramatically as an athlete and as a coach. Taking a more holistic approach to her training, Ailbhe has reaped rewards very quickly. Everything is analyzed and addressed; stroke mechanics, her anaerobic vs aerobic systems, her run drills routine, her nutrition. Everything is logged. Everything is scrutinized. Everything is refined…….As a result everyone progresses.
This approach has had a profound effect on Ailbhe’s performance level and has also significantly influenced the way Ailbhe and the rest of TRIUMPH operate. Ailbhe took 4th across the line and 3rd Irish (see next blog post for her race review). Ailbhe’s last block had her going slower but longer. All her sessions were completed at stipulated intensities and paces and were never “go till you blow” themed. This allowed her to execute full sessions day in day out without losing form or entering the red zone. “Train smarter, not harder”
This leaves her in a strong position going forward. With eyes on a few races in Asia Ailbhe with continue grafting through the next 2 or 3 months while she continues to chase her Olympic ambitions.

As we enter the last part of the summer season it’s time to reflect on where you were at the start of the season, where you are now and where you are going next season and beyond. What we want to see is progression. What we are aiming for is progression. So let’s go get it!!!!

Many thanks for reading this blog post. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions or want to know more on this topic as a short blog post only scratch the surface.

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