Our Dream vs Our Vision vs Our Purpose.

Our Dream vs Our Vision vs Our Purpose.

Our Dream vs Our Vision vs Our Purpose. Sounds pretty deep…until we outline that Our Purpose is simply to help people swim, bike and run faster. That’s fairly simple right? Well…..yes and no!

Our Vision is to form a collective of like-minded, motivated triathletes striving for continual progression in their sporting journey. From there we envisage doing everything in our power to support these athletes.

The triathlon holy grail – an outdoor 50m pool in the sun

Our Dream….this is the fun one. We dream of having a squad of truly world class triathletes as part of a travelling band of performance athletes. Within this we would have support staff of physiologists, nutritionists, physios, S&C coaches and bike mechanics among others. We would have the facilities and the infrastructure in place to support our athletes every need to enable them to focus 110% on the eat, sleep, train, repeat approach that we have observed in all the best performance set-ups around the world. We would spend Winters in Oceania and return to a European base camp for the Summer months to enable us to mop us the sun all year round. The Gold Coast to Girona migration. What could be finer?

World Duathlon Age-Group Medalist Rielly training at our Andalusia Camp

The objective on paper would be race results, medals, victories etc etc but the real “Triumph” in all of this would be achieving the lifestyle. The dream triathlete lifestyle! That’s what we all are truly after. 

Coaches Jack and Rich briefing the squad before an ocean swim in Spain

The journey to these dreamy heights will be long but we are making it our mission to take this from a pipe dream to a reality in the next 6-10 years. 

For now we are putting the hard graft in locally in the less exotic (but still lovely!) Leicestershire area. No dodging “Roos” on bike rides or sun-drenched post-session siestas by the pool here but the principles remain. We have our purpose. We have that purpose whether coaching our juniors, our elite squad or our performance Age-Groupers. We have that purpose wherever we are and wherever our athletes are.

Putting in the winter mile. Bike session on the Cotes loop in early 2018

We are here to make them fitter and faster. 

We do that by creating the right triathlon lifestyle.

Many thanks for reading this blog post. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions or want to know more on this topic as a short blog post only scratch the surface. 


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