Ailbhe’s race summary from Dublin City Triathlon

Ailbhe’s race summary from Dublin City Triathlon

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(Written on Saturday evening after racing that morning)

The women’s race today in DCT was set to be a cracker and in my opinion, it did not disappoint🔥
We all know each other well and we know where strengths and weaknesses lie.We had strong bikers, speedy runners, and all round strong athletes across the board in the mix today.
Carolyn was the running threat and we knew that going in.Myself and @orla.walshtried all we could to break the group and keep it stocastic in nature in an effort to keep it from being a run race.Carolyn is a pocket rocket on the run and we didn’t want a run race to unfold!!Our efforts, of which there were many many many,came to no success and so,a run race it was!A group of 5 of us entered t2 together.

It went to form and @carolynmhayes put in a fantastic run split to dance her way to the top. Congrats gal🙌 The excitement the race had around it before hand was still unfolding for the podium spots.The British girl Lucy Byram ran her way to second and then myself and @erin_mcc912 were in a battle for 3rd. We were together until 4km. A small gap opened up and Erin had a few meters on me.I closed it.This process then repeated itself another 2 times until the elastic went caboom and I was unable to respond.Erin ran in for third and I finished with the chocolate medal🍫

My emotions coming over the line were of bitter disappointment but upon reflection, I’m quite pleased.I had a solid day from start to finish.I gave what I had today,and today it wasn’t enough. That’s racing. Such an exciting thing!

As Lucy Byram is British and it was our national champs,I will get 3rd in the national champs race but obviously I was 4th over the line. It was a super close battle with only 29 seconds separating 2nd and 4th.

It was absolutely class to be part of such a tasty Irish field.The tactics were on fire today, and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to race within such a dynamic race.The Irish super series is growing and with more international athletes getting stuck in,it really is turning the races into some exciting viewing.

A massive thank you to and congrats…5 women in the top 10 and 4 men in the top 10 💃 #surroundyourselfwithgoodpeople#triathlon
📸 Damien Jackson&Gordon Thomson

Check out this cool atmospheric video from the race featuring some very subtle product placement.

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