#WTSMontreal #predictthepodium Men’s Race

#WTSMontreal #predictthepodium Men’s Race

The Olympic-distance course sees the athletes diving off Jacques-Cartier Quay for two 750m-laps of the swimming before a thrilling bike route takes them past the shadows of the Notre-Dame and through the galleries, museums and landmarks of this historic city. Triathlon fans will line the route for close-up views of the 9-lap cycle, before the 4-lap run reaches its finale back amongst the quayside crowds.

Don’t miss the Women’s race which kicks off at 18:30 UK time on Saturday and the Men’s race at the same time on Sunday.  Both races are covered on the BBC red button.

TEAM-TRIUMPH coaches predictions – Men’s race

Ailbhe – 

  1. Mola
  2. Blummenfelt
  3. Murray


  1. Mola
  2. Birtwhistle
  3. Alarza

Rich –

  1. Schoeman
  2. Murray
  3. Blummentfelt

Chris “Pezza” Perham

  1. Mola
  2. Birtwhistle
  3. Alarza

Professional triathlete Chris Perham has provided his predictions too and his a great insight having raced alongside many of the athletes on the WTS circuit.

Mola gets the nod for the outright win in 3 out of the 4 predictions here. There is no doubting he is the fastest man on foot in WTS racing on his day but he did struggle to a 14th place finish on a rare off-day in Montreal in 2017 . It’s the only race since 2015 that he’s been outside the top 10 and even his run split was only the 12th quickest on the day.  He’ll not be wanting a repeat of that performance this time round! He is of course in good form (as ever) with wins in Edmonton, Hamburg and Yokohama this year. 

On one of the three occasions this year that Mola hasn’t been victorious he can at least claim first the prize of first “non-Norwegian!!!” I refer of course to the Norway 1,2,3 in Bermuda. Stornes, Blummenfelt and Iden were on fire that day and were looking menacing on the bike in Laussane World Cup recently. Kristian Blummenfelt impressed in Montreal last year by getting into the break and running strongly with the great Javier Gomez Noya to take 2nd place behind the Spaniard.

The other two occasions Mola didn’t win this year, he took 2nd place finishes behind Murray in Leeds and Schoeman in Abu Dhabi. Both those men will be looking to inflict another defeat on the current World Standings Leader.

Rich has backed Olympic bronze medalist Henri Schoeman who has been out for much of this season with illness and injury. After looking dominant in Abu Dhabi and Gold Coast Commonwealth Games he doesn’t sound very dominant now. Is he perhaps downplaying his form or is he doubting his fitness? “The goal of the year was the Commonwealth Games, so to be able to come away with a win in that I feel like the year has already been successful for me. For the rest of the year it has been a lot more relaxed. I am not too focused on performances in the WTS. It hasn’t been that great for me, for the last couple of months I actually spent some time at home a little longer than expected because I had some issues with illness and also two injuries that I picked up. It was a very nice time to spend some time at home and just think about what I have achieved this year with Abu Dhabi and also the Commonwealth Games.”

Mola’s former training partner Richard Murray features in the podium predictions of both Ailbhe and Rich. Having recently proposed to his now fiance, WTS racer Rachel Klamer, he will be hoping to give them even more reason to be cheerful! He is one of the most consistent men on the WTS circuit and a win in Leeds and a podium in Hamburg to his name this year. Whenever it comes together as a footrace he is in with a shout of a win. He ran through impressively in Montreal last year too!

Jacob Birtwhistle and Alarza both feature in Chris and Jack’s podium predictions (which are completely identical! do great minds think alike or do fools seldom differ?)
Birtwhistle who trains under coach Joel Filliol with Mola and Vincent Luis) has previously struggled with his counting abilities in Canadian WTS races when he bolted ahead for the finish tape a lap early in Edmonton 2017. That day he still held on for 2nd (behind Mola obvz!!!) and has been in solid form recently with 3rd in Edmonton and 5th in Hamburg. Meanwhile Alarza came through very strongly in hot pursuit of Pierre Le Corre at the European Champs in Glasgow and can’t be ruled out for a podium.

Last year a group of 7 got away out of T1 and stayed away on the bikes. This allowed Gomez and Blummentfelt to run away to 1st and 2nd and forced Murray to have to run through to take the final podium spot. While we think the women’s race will come together we are less certain about the mens. 

Let’s see how it goes!!!

Are you an armchair expert? Do you back yourself to predict the podium? Please do share your predictions on our social feeds!

#WTSMontreal #predictthepodium

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