360 degrees of TRIUMPH!!!

360 degrees of TRIUMPH!!!

So as part of our involvement in the Studio which helps Loughborough Graduates launch their businesses, we have had access to grant funding and investments. 

As such we have recently been awarded a £5k grant by the Start-Up lab. We had to pitch our Business plan to the panel and state how we would look to invest Dragon’s Den style! Our pitch was based around acquiring equipment to enhance our coaching services and enable our athletes the best opportunities to develop. One such piece of equipment that we wanted to acquire was the GoPro Fusion 360 camera.

Features include 5.2k 360 video (ie HD on steriods!), unfathomable stablisation (you could probably capture stable footage if it was attached to a pneumatic drill) and voice control (you say “start recording”, it starts recording, no buttons needed!!!)

Aside from it just being super cool it will allows us to get footage of our athletes that we can breakdown and analyse after. Particularly swimming but also bike, run and gym. This camera is water resistant so can be used without housing or casing for underwater video analysis and crucially it captures 360 degrees across it’s two lenses. This means when we record, we capture EVERYTHING!!!! 

I’ve been learning about how to use the camera over the last few days which has been at times frustrating. But it has resulted in some super cool footage, some of which is a bit glitchy but I’ve learnt how to get it right eventually!!!

It’s exciting times for our athletes who will be supported with our ongoing pledge to raise the bar in terms of the service we provide. “The aggregation of marginal gains” is a famous quote from Team Sky Director Sportif, David Brailsford. It’s a quote that we use as a mantra and endeavor to invest and upgrade our services to be the best they can be (though we aren’t looking to bulk buy jiffy bags and inhalers at this point!)

So below you have a few funky rather than functional vids. We’ll be utilizing the GoPro fusion to help our athletes with improving their swim technique, honing their bike position by capturing footage of them actually out on the road (instead of just on a turbo) and tweaking their run biomechanics with slow-motion analysis of run footage.

Watch (all 360 degrees) of this space!!!

Many thanks for reading this blog post. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions or want to know more on this topic as a short blog post only scratch the surface. 


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