Triumph Transistion Rucksack

Triumph Transistion Rucksack

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Yours is available for purchase now. Hurry while stocks last.

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An excellent value offer is available as part of our training day. Our fresh out the box Triumph Transition bags can be yours for £65 alone or just £30 as an offer for attendees to our Triathlon Training Day on Saturday 16th of September!

Amazon Team-Triumph
Email Team-Triumph for yours now.

Stand out when racing, training or commuting with our uniquely eccentric bright and reflective design. The bag has a wet section at the bottom for swim kit and wetsuit, main compartment with a seemingly tardis like quality of unfathomably large storage space, mesh pockets on sides and front for bottles and tools as well as extra zip pockets on top and front for valuables.

The best thing for us is the comfort of the bag when commuting. There are two cross straps that secure the bag comfortably in place across chest and waist making cycling and running with your rucksack feel easy and look trendy.
For any further info email Team-Triumph

Happy training!!!!!!


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