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Team Triumph is a Triathlon Team and Business that invests in all aspects of the sport to increase it's popularity.

Team Triumph is a Triathlon Team and Business that invests in all aspects of the sport to increase it’s popularity


We provide personal professional coaching and mentoring for Triathletes.


We try to provide value for both coaches and athletes in the easiest and most accessible way possible.

and mentorship

Through our services we try to provide a legacy that hopefully will translate into opportunity.

Want personal coaching from expert and experienced coaches? Check out what we offer and our coaches to find out more. Get in contact if you have any further questions.

Team Triumph
Training Squad

Calling all Lougboroughian triathletes! If you are not World Class (yet) but you are serious about performance over participation then Where do you go?

Want to get sponsored?

Follow the link below and let us know if you would like to be sponsored! From clothing to advice, find out more.

Need a coach? Need an athlete?

We have built a platform to connect coaches and athletes. Try it now and experience the benefits of the services it provides.

in schools

Our vision and goal is to innovate and move forward the sport of Triathlon. We coach in schools regularly to create a legacy and get potential future Triathletes to love the sport.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I had a great training day with Triumph yesterday, the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by the coaches whom all compete internationally and at the elite level, in unparalleled to any other coaching services out there. They are also a really friendly, easy going group, that made me feel very welcomed. I would recommend Triumph to anyone of any level, what ever their triathlon goals might be! Thanks again Triumph 
'Rosie Lindsay
I've been really impressed with the holistic approach to training from Team Triumph. I've suffered a range of injuries in the past and have been overwhelmed by their focus on my long term performance and health. They've taught me the importance of quality over quantity and ensuring every session has a purpose. In addition to this I cannot recommend their sports massage enough!
Kirsty Addy
Great group of coaches, who are always happy to help! Rich helped massively with my swimming technique, (using my lats more) and my times in the pool soon plummeted! Furthermore, he helped me to target a few races in the calendar, organising my own specific training plan around those! There is a lot of experience and expertise in the team and I would definitely recommend!
Danny Walsh

and Blogs

We know how important it is to be active on social media these days so we aim to post daily and provide value for athletes and coaches. Check out our profiles to see more. 

Team Triumph

As part of our commitment to innovate the sport we have developed a platform that connects coaches and athletes from across the world. Wether you want to coach or be coaches, organise or take part in a training camp or provide or try out a new experience is the place for you.

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This Junior Performance Squad is set up to support young aspiring triathletes in the Midlands area to reach their targets and get onto the British Triathlon World-Class Performance Pathway. Designed for talented Youth/Junior triathletes aged 12 through to Juniors aged 18/19.

Looking for some kit? In our shop we sell Triathlon Specific equipment that we have developed and made, have a look!

Already a Triathlete?

Looking for a coach, an experience or a training camp? Check out our platform to bring you to the next level.

New to Triathlon?

New to Triathlon? We’ll get everything sorted for you to get started! Join our platform, find a coach and start training.

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